Calf Creek Ranch currently has available hunting leases. 6,071 acres available for lease. 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house included. 12 plus years of game management. Maximum of 23 hunters. $69,000 for entire lease. Can be broken down into 2 leases of 3,639 acres for $42,000 for 14 hunters and includes the facilities. The smaller lease is for 9 hunters and is 2,432 acres and has hookups for water and electricity.The price is $27,000. The largest Boone and Crockett killed on the ranch was 155 points. Hunters are allowed 1 mature buck (5.5 year 9 points or more) and one cull buck. The amount of does killed are predicated on the annual survey or the tag issued for McCulloch county. There is a game manager on the premises. The lease cost is set for three years. The first year is a probationary year.

For more information about hunting leases, please contact Ranch Managing Partner, Ellen McFarland at 325-456-9439 or email at
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