The Wilhelm Ranch originally comprised about 40,000 acres. Mrs. Johanna Carolyn Wilhelm was a Texas pioneer Born in Germany in 1850, she came to Texas as a bride in 1868. Her husband Johan Wilhelm died in 1890, shot by a rustler recovering his stolen cattle. About a year later her oldest son was found dead on the range. Known as the Sheep Queen of Texas for the superior quality of her wool, East coast buyers bid highly for her yearly clip. Johanna had nine children and died January 22, 1921. Her daughter Kuhne Gunda Wilhelmina Wilhelm inherited a portion of the land. Her wool was also widely recognized among the best in Texas, just like her mother's.

Emil Haby was born January 15, 1867 in San Antonio, Texas. He married Kuhne Wilhelm in 1897. They had four children. Emil came to Lampasas in 1906 from Smithville where he purchased the ice plant and rebuilt it. He sold it 1926 to the Texas Power and Light Company and moved with his family to his wife’s estate where he engaged in ranching activities, buying additional ranch land.

The son of Email and Kuhne Gunda, Walter Haby earned a degree in animal husbandry from Texas A&M University in 1930 and ranched for 57 years. He produced some of the finest wool and mohair in McCulloch County, just like his mother and grandmother. William McFarland, nephew of Walter, ran Calf Creek Ranch until 1996 when he passed away unexpectedly. His wife and daughters manage Calf Creek Ranch today--a working cattle ranch with phenomenal deer, dove and turkey hunting leases.
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